Over the years the Miami area has remained a first choice destination for millions of worldly travelers who flock the city for all things sun, sea and sand. It’s a delightful stay in paradise and we realized the need for a premium service that could intimately cater to the needs of any visitor to this breathtaking escape.

And so Exotic Car Rental was born. We are a luxury car rental company with a difference. We don’t just rent cars, we afford you an experience. Since there’s so much to see and do in all of South Florida why not enjoy the view from inside an exotic, luxurious ride? We ensure that our customers are treated like royalty, similar to the nature of the cars we provide. Enjoy our impressive fleet ranging from convertibles, to coupes, SUVs and sedans. To complete your experience of luxury. We’ve also added mansion/villa rentals and limousine rentals to our already unbeatable business offering.

Go ahead and relax on the balcony of a fabulous private villa, yours for rent for the length of stay you desire. We also offer event planning services and special rentals such as for functions, receptions and parties. The party does not have to end there! Share Instagram-worthy photos from the sea as you live your best life on your very own private yacht. Our line of luxury rental is all-inclusive, we will meet any customer whether by land, air or sea.




Happy Customers

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